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  Helle Fashion.Comfort ®

Company Information

  • Helle Comfort was founded  in 1997.
  • The idea was to create a comfort shoe with all the comfort features, but at the same time create a fashionable look.
  • Use comfort bottoms with an arch and metatarsal supports and created fun uppers with printed leathers.  Helle Comfort is “comfort with fun and fashion”.
  • The shoes are sold throughout the entire USA, Canada.
  • The shoes are made in Spain in European full sizes.

Selling Points:

  • All provide excellent arch and metatarsal support, padded and flexible cushioning.
  • They also incorporate the best in unique leathers. 
  • Helle Comfort allows women to have creative, fashionable footwear that is good for them. 

Helle Comfort Categories: 

    1. Casual comfort bottom 
      • Made out of PU with removable foot bed. 
      • Foot bed is made out of cork/latex combo and flexes to adjust to the width of a foot. 
      • Upper is made out of fun printed leathers. 
      • Most styles are adjustable with Velcro or buckle.
    2. Heel construction. 
      • Metallic finished outside heel, with rubber sole, built-in arch and metatarsal support, fun uppers, some are adjustable for different widths... 
      • You’ll have a dress comfort shoe you can wear all day long.
    3. Wedge construction, 
      • Arch and metatarsal support, fun uppers, and some are adjustable.
    4. Some new fashion categories for younger people. 
      • Wood wedge with build in arch and metatarsal support, metallic platform shoes with arch and metatarsal support, all with fun leathers used for uppers.

  • The designers work with ornament and leather suppliers in Europe to find the latest fashion. 
      • Nailheads, crystals and other ornaments are used on the shoes to jazz up the uppers to give them a dressier look.
      • Extremely loyal customer base, some of them own over 100 pairs of our shoes.
      • Once she buys one pair and experiences the comfort and has a fashionable shoe, she will come back for more.


      • Designs are a team effort between  Martina Helle and the factory designers.


  • The foot beds are anatomically designed to give support for the arch and help spread pressure evenly.
  • Adjustable uppers can fit in some shoes from “AAAA” to “EE”.